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ResFrac Corporation makes hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulation software for the exploration and production industry. 

ResFrac's flagship product is a fully integrated hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulator that can model the full well life cycle from treatment through production. We offer licenses for the use of the software, and also provide professional services based on our technology and expertise. 


Additionally, we address relevant questions in fracture mechanics and reservoir engineering through our Industry Studies, such as our Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT) Industry Study.


Mark McClure

Mark McClure founded ResFrac in 2015 to help operators maximize value through application of advanced geomechanics and reservoir simulation. Before founding ResFrac, Mark was an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering and earned a PhD in Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University. Mark's academic research is on hydraulic fracturing, proppant transport, diagnostic fracture injection tests, induced seismicity simulation and statistics, and Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

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Charles Kang

Charles Kang is an engineer experienced in developing software tools for the modeling, optimization, and visualization of  subsurface and energy systems. He was previously R&D Director at Tiandi Energy, an oilfield data services company. Charles received a PhD in Energy Resources Engineering from Stanford University and a BS from UC Berkeley. Charles's academic research is on optimization of energy systems and hydraulic fracturing.

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Somasekhara Reddy Medam is an IT and management professional with 17 years of IT experience including over 12 years managing global IT projects. He has extensive experience in data management / analytics and applied data science, and over eight years of technical project management experience including Leading PMO. Before joining ResFrac, Soma worked for Microsoft in Hyderabad, India and Redmond, WA for 14 years. He holds a MLA in Management from Harvard University, and various certifications including PMP and the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science. Soma and his wife founded and serve as trustees for the Thulisha Reddy Foundation, which operates a school in Hyderabad that emphasizes student empowerment.

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Garrett Fowler is Vice President of Operations for ResFrac, responsible for client engagement and professional services for ResFrac’s industry leading coupled hydraulic fracture and reservoir simulator. Garrett was previously Principal Reservoir Engineer at Tachyus Corporation where he worked with national oil companies, super majors, and independents on every oil-bearing continent to deploy novel data science solutions. Prior to Tachyus, Garrett worked for Occidental Petroleum on waterflood surveillance, piloting, and optimization. Garrett received a M.S. in Petroleum Engineering and a B.S. in Energy Resources Engineering from Stanford University. He is an Eagle Scout and multiple time Ironman finisher.

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Dave Headshot.jpg

Dave Ratcliff is a petrophysicist with over 25 years of oil and gas experience.  Dave was previously the Petrophysics Manager at QEP Resources and Forest Oil.  He has intimate experience in a variety of basins throughout the US including the Permian, Bakken, Haynesville, Uintah, Eagle Ford and Cotton Valley.  He has been successfully using ResFrac since its inception as a tool for optimizing landing zones in multiple horizon plays as well as testing variability of different frac and perforating designs.  Prior to QEP and Forest Oil, Dave worked for Schlumberger for 15 years in a variety of different capacities including operations manager, logging engineer and marketing and has extensive experience with perforating, open and cased hole logging.  Dave received a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.    

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Ali Zidane is a reservoir engineer with a PhD in fluid mechanics/earth sciences from Basel University, Switzerland in a joint project with Strasbourg University, France. Focus on Reservoir Simulation Engineering, including but not limited to:

  • Numerical modelling of single and multiphase flow in fractured and unfractured porous media

  • Numerical simulation of compositional flow in poro-fractured domains based on higher-order numerical discretization

  • Grid generation compatible with higher-order schemes in 2D and in 3D

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Matteo Picone is a Professional Engineer with over 10-years of thermal heavy oil experience, focused on full field development and operational execution through analytical analysis and numerical modelling, including assisted history matching and sensitivity analysis. Additional areas of expertise include risk assessment and mitigation, project management, technology stewardship and regulatory compliance. Matteo has served in a variety of roles, including Development, Operations, Production and Technology Excellence for Athabasca Oil Corporation, Equinor Canada, Paramount Resources and Trican Well Service. Matteo received a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta and a MEng in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary. Matteo also has schooling from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in the area of Thermal Production Operations.

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  • 2018 ATCE Startup Village, Rising Star

  • 2018 ATCE Startup Village, People's Choice

  • 2018 OTC Rice Alliance Startup Roundup, Most Promising (as McClure Geomechanics)


ResFrac has received investment from Altira Group, a leading oil and gas technology venture capital firm. Visit Altira's web site or this recent interview.

ResFrac Corporation was previously known as McClure Geomechanics LLC.